Tile Selection Appointment

This appointment followed the electrical appointment at 1pm. So we had a short break in between appointments.
We had pretty much chosen our tiles prior to this appointment from visiting the tile studio twice previously. Now it was just a matter of getting down on paper which tiles are to go where on the plans and in what direction they are to be laid, choosing the grout colour and upgrading some metal edging!

We are having floor to ceiling tiling in our powder rooms, bathrooms and wc’s and 3/4 wall tiling in our laundry. We had all this costed into our contract before signing so then it was just a matter of upgrading the tiles to what we choose at selections.
We chose polished porcelain tiles everywhere in lieu of the standard ceramic tile.
Again, our advised allowance didn’t quite reach the target…  The sales person we dealt with severely underestimated that one!

Our tiling choice was basically the same colour for entire floor, the external tile of our inside tile for the balcony, and a white tile for the walls with the floor tile on a feature wall and bath hobs.


MAXFL1056 – Dark Grey                                    MAXFL215 – super white  (looks pink in this picture but it’s actually like an off white)

This appointment finished around 3.30pm! Most of the time was spent waiting for the paperwork and plans to be completed with our additional costs etc ready to sign off on.



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