Day 3 – Is that a fence I see?!

Today the retaining wall was dug out and a security fence erected.

It was interesting to hear the neighbours’ comments about the work done so far. I was informed about one neighbour in particular who seems to have a problem with the portaloo and the fence – maybe they are going to have a problem with everything about the build….

2013-03-28 001 2013-03-28 002 2013-03-28 003 2013-03-28 004 2013-03-28 006 2013-03-28 007 2013-03-28 009



Day 2 – Add a Portaloo!

Went for another look today to see if anything further had happened.  The temporary fence was supposed to go up today, but that wasn’t there.  Instead there was a portaloo, some rock and a sediment fence!

And so here are yet more photos of dirt! So far that is all I have to report – it’s a dirty job, and someone’s got to photograph it!

2013-03-27 001 2013-03-27 004 2013-03-27 007 2013-03-27 009 2013-03-27 011 2013-03-27 015 2013-03-27 016 2013-03-27 017 2013-03-27 018 2013-03-27 024 2013-03-27 026

Next job will be to organise a retaining wall to be built then the house outline.


Pulling Posts

We drove up to the block to mow the grass for the final time prior to building starting and had a nice surprise to see the Metricon sign attached to the fence. It is now an official building site!

Our block has been fenced off with pine posts and it is now time to pull some of those out for machine access.  Too hard to dig out the concrete so Paul had to pull them out with the car!Image


Ready, Set, Start Date!

We were advised that our site start date would be Tuesday, 26 March 2013.

We arranged an on site meeting with our site manager, David, on Friday 22 March at 8.30am.

Very happy with David, he seems switched on and organised.

After talking with David, he advised us that a temporary fence had not been allowed for (even though we are building in a built up area and a fence is required), our sales consultant did not allow for one, so we have 2 choices – allow Metricon to organise the fence and be charged through them with their 20% mark up or hire a fence directly ourselves.  Surely this is a no brainer! We hired a fence directly ourselves.

Next item on the agenda was the retaining wall.  David advised us to have someone ready to go if after the site cut, we needed the wall built straight away. Paul has someone in mind so he will contact them to see what their availability is like.

Can’t wait for the actual start on Tuesday!