Electrical Selection Appointment

We had a 9.00am appointment booked with Stratus. We finished around 11.20am.
Metricon Qld use Stratus (who supply Metricon with Beacon Commercial Lighting products).
This appointment was the first time we saw the basic electrical plan for our house design.
At the appointment we started with the basic inclusions (which aren’t much!) and then went through lighting first, then media and data etc.
We ended up selecting LED downlights everywhere (approx 65) and some pendant lights over the kitchen bench, some external lighting, fan wiring, speaker wiring, tv and HDMI cabling and smart wiring for future NBN cabling as well as upgrading all our light switches to the Saturn range. We did not upgrade the power points though as these were quite expensive compared to the switches.  We will aim to do those after handover and a few at a time in areas where they are mostly on display – kitchen and bathrooms!
At the end of the day our allowance only covered half of that cost!
It is true what other people have recommended, estimating your electricals budget and then doubling it!
Here are some pictures of what we selected:

LEDlux 11W 600 Lumen Brushed Chrome Downlight Kit in Warm White  Corso 1 Light Cylinder Double Glass PendantOrion 2 Light Up/Down Exterior Wallbracket in Charcoal    LED Maxi Square Steplight In Stainless Steel     Alert II 2 Light Floodlight in Brushed Aluminium                    

LED downlights            pendant lights       external front lights    stair light          external flood lights      Saturn LED switches

We decided to get Metricon to put in all the downlights and not muck around with getting batten lights in and changing over etc after handover. It is especially difficult in a double storey and we want minimal changes/additions once the house is built. Is it worth the money? – we think so!

The only items we did not select through Metricon/Stratus were:

1.  The ceiling fans as they did not have the ones we want. We have chosen Airfusion Climate DC fans or Direct Current fans which apparently use 40% less electricity and are therefore cheaper to run and super quiet. Great for the QLD climate! They come with a 6 speed remote control which also has a reverse function for winter.

Airfusion Climate 52 DC Fan Only Brushed Chrome

The bathroom exhaust, light and heating units as again they didn’t have the ones we wanted. We have chosen the IXL Neo Tastic – single in brushed chrome.

We did however, get Metricon to arrange pre-wiring for these items so we just need an electrician to fit them after handover. Minimal jobs!

You certainly don’t get any discounts, it is full retail price and then added labour for each item. So just be prepared that electricals will cost you more than you think!


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