About this blog

This is a blog about building a house with Metricon in Sth East Queensland.
It will contain the good, the bad and hopefully not the ugly! We are hoping that by writing this blog, it will enable our family and friends to share in our building experience.

We chose Metricon after looking into a smaller builder and finding them a bit on the expensive side. Metricon seemed to tick all the boxes in terms of what we were looking for – ideal floor plans and layout, quality finishes and included upgraded extras that we were looking at which offered great value for money and also they have great reputation in Qld having won HIA Professional Major Builder of the year in 2011.

Fingers crossed they can deliver us a house with great design and the high quality finish we are after!


2 comments on “About this blog

  1. We’re building the same house in Melbourne. How did you go with Metricon for site access? We’ve been told max is once a week! I find this ridiculous considering we’re leaving 3 minutes drive from site

    • We only live about 5 mins away from our new house too! We were allowed site access whenever the site manager was there or when we had checked and got his site approval to be there. Usually there about twice a week! I found most of it was easy to see from the road at the start.

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