Day 117 – Woah…Slow Down

slow down

It seems like the house has almost been at a standstill for a few weeks even though I know it hasn’t really.  Because we are now nearing the end of the build, the inside work takes a fair bit longer to complete.  The plasterer’s have now completed the cornice in the wet areas and done the prep work prior to the painter coming in.  The painter has painted the  inside, and put a coat of stain on the timber slats for the screen behind the stairs and that is now being reconstructed.  The painter  is due back next week to complete the painting inside, adding the gloss coat to the skirting and architraves and doors etc, and finish the staining of the stairs, front door, balcony posts and screen behind the stairs, then complete the painting on the exterior (which I am still hanging out to see!).


I must say I am truly amazed that they are painting (especially with white!) inside while there is still red dust and dirt inside the house!?!  David just said it will get a sweep out before the tiler does the main floor but no actual cleaning will take place until pretty much the completion!  David has advised that the painting should be complete next week and then the plumber and electrician will come back to do fit offs and door handles, bathroom accessories, mirrors and robe doors will get fitted also etc. Then the tiler will return to tile the main floor for us, and a “builder’s clean will be done” at that stage which is  approx. 4 hrs by a team of professionals.  Defects from a Q&A inspection will be rectified and then the “new home/display home standard” clean will be done and appliances fitted just prior to practical completion.  Then we are to allow 5-10 working days for any “touch ups” that were found during the final inspection before handover will take place.  I just hope Metricon have good cleaners as I do not want to see one spec of red dust inside that house!

Apart from that, just waiting for the back glass door in garage to be fixed up externally with the bricks, (which should happen next week sometime), the oven tower to be completed and the front door striker plate to be re-made and fixed up.

David said 6 weeks till practical completion and then allowing 2 further weeks for touch ups before handover.  It’s getting closer!…

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